21/Feb/2019 New SmartRAID 3162-8i/e delivers maxCrypto controller-based encryption
with local key management
13/Nov/2017 NEW Microsemi Adaptec SmartRAID 3100 Series controllers provides maximum read/write bandwidth and IOPS
13/Nov/2017 Smart HBA 2100 12 Gbps SAS/SATA HBAs introduce a new tier of solutions optimized for basic RAID (0,1,5)
13/Nov/2017 New HBA 1100 Series provides a robust and stable solution that can handle the toughest system workloads
26/Jan/2017 New Adaptec series 8E family, ideal for I/O intensive applications such as databases or video editing
09/Jan/2016 Adaptec introduces new HBA 1000 Smart Solution for Data Center Storage Connectivity
14/Oct/2015 Adaptec 8805 with HGST Ultrastar HE8 (8x8TB) RAID performance review by The SSD Review
14/Nov/2014 New Adaptec AEC-82885T 12Gb/s SAS expander card
30/Aug/2014 Adaptec ASR-8885, TweakTown's Editor's Choice Award
25/Aug/2014 Adaptec ASR-81605ZQ review, by
30/Apr/2014 Cyberlink storage solution provide SAS hard disk capacity up to 512TB
16/Apr/2014 Free bundle SAS cable for ASR-6805 commenced till 30th April 2014
11/Dec/2013 Adaptec launches new Series 8/8Q 12Gb/s RAID controller
18/Apr/2013 Adaptec launches new 7H series HBA supports SAS and SATA HDDs, SSDs and SAS tape drives
2/Jan/2013 Cyberlink launched new Thunderbolt storage 8-bay desktop raid subsystem with two thunderbolt ports
31/Dec/2012 Cyberlink introduces 24-bay raid subsystem equipped with PCI-e expander maximum storage capacity up to 96TB
22/Nov/2012 Open-E DSS V7 with Feature Pack - Active-Active iSCSI Failover delivers ideal solution for High Availability storage
18/Oct/2012 Adaptec Series 7 - the industry's only solution to offer 450K IOPS and 6.6GB/s throughput
2/Mar/2012 Adaptec Hybrid Raid Solutions combine SSDs and HDDs for maximum performance and reliability
16/Jul/2011 Adaptec launched 6Gb/s SAS/SEAT RAID Controllers for entry-level market
1/Mar/2011 New Adaptec 6Gb/s Unified Serial RAID Controller Card with Zero- Maintenance Cache Protection
12/May/2010 New Adaptec MaxIQ Storage Controllers with SSD Caching
25/Mar/2010 Adaptec MaxIQ SSD Caching increase application performance up to 8x
18/May/2009 Adaptec 52445 selected for Network Products Guide 2009 Product Innovation Award
3/Sept/2008 Adaptec Intelligent Power Management Reduces Storage Power Consumption Up to 70%
11/Mar/2008 Adaptec RAID Series 5 Outperforms the Competition
26/Mar/2007 Adaptec Unified Series Architecture
05/Jan/2007 Free Adaptec 512MB USB Drive
08/Dec/2006 Adaptec New PCIe SAS RAID Controllers, AAR-1220SA & 1430SA
07/Oct/2006 Adaptec SAS RAID Controller Family
07/Oct/2006 Adaptec SAS Host Controller Family
19/Sept/2006 Adaptec SAS Ad on PC Market (PC Buyer, Vol. 686)
18/Aug/2006 Adaptec Sponsorship for e-Zone No.419 (Jetso Channel)
02/Aug/2006 Adaptec SAS Sample Connection
21/Nov/2005 What is DigiSignage?


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